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Srećko Latal covered Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and the rest of the Balkans during the wars in the 1990s as Associated Press correspondent, andlater editor and Sarajevo bureau chief., Heand also served as overseas correspondent from other places such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. Since 2000 he worked as a communications expert and political advisor for the EU and the World Bank, while from 2008 he joined the International Crisis Group, ICG as its Balkan Analyst until 2013 when ICG left the region. Afterwards, Srećko established a new regional think-tank, Social Overview Service , (SOS), and worked as its director and senior analyst.


Over the past two decades Srećko also cooperatedwas also cooperating closely with the Balkans Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, and is currently working as their regional editor. Throughout this period he also covered the Balkans for numerous international media and analytical organizations, such as Oxford Analytica, Janes Defence (currently IHS Janes), World Politics Review and Economist Intelligence Unit.


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