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Western Balkans at the crossroads:

Which road should the EU take?

Download the paper:


Prague Security Studies Institute, June 2019

The policy paper suggests several recommendations for new Commission’s and European External Action Service’s (EEAS) strategy towards the region based on research done within the PSSI-led project, ‘Western Balkans at the Crossroads: Assessing Non-Democratic Actors Influences.’

It asserts that the EU should openly communicate its perspective on the prospective enlargement of the Western Balkans with local representatives, as well as its Member States. It should make communication a priority in its strategy towards the region, and invest in self-promotion to improve its visibility, instead of relying only on its ‘natural’ attractiveness. It should support research, independent journalism and awareness-raising initiatives on external influence activities and their causes and consequences both through funding mechanisms and capacities building. It should also engage actors in civil society, encourage the cultivation of a democratic environment to hold local leaders more accountable and limit their ability to exploit relations with non-Western countries for personal gains and power consolidation.

Read the policy paper here.

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