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Nenad Vasić joined the Institute of International Politics and Economics in 2014, where his main areas of academic interest are South-Eastern Europe, EU Enlargement and the Neighbourhood Policy, as well as international relations, public diplomacy, lobbying, theory of conflict, crisis management and peaceful resolution of crises. He was researcher at the Institute of Serbian Culture in Leposavić. Nenad was demonstrator at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade. As an independent consultant he was occasionally engaged in two gGovernments of the Republic of Serbia. He was also part ofengaged in the analytical team of the Belgrade Media Centre. Nenad holds two PhDs in the field of diplomacy at the Faculty of Culture and Media, Megatrend University, Belgrade, and in the history of international relations, Balkan studies and political science at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade, writing his dissertation on the topic of National state in political ideas of a “Greater Serbia” and “Greater Albania”.

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