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Shpat Balaj is a researcher within the Western Balkans at the Crossroads project. Appart from this role, Shpat Balaj is a researcher and project manager at the Kosovar Centre for Security Studies. Shpat has conducted several research papers, policy briefs and articles on non-majority inclusion, integrity in the security sector, disinformation, and violent extremism issues. With over 7 years’ experience in both non-governmental and private sector, Shpat has an extensive experience in research, project management, team building, communication, and strategic development.


Throughout his professional career, Shpat has participated in many trainings, workshops, conferences, working groups and similar activities related to security, advocacy, peacebuilding, and project management. He holds a BA in Security Studies from ISPE college in Prishtina and is currently completing his MA in Peacebuilding and Reconciliation at the University of Winchester in UK.

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