The second phase of the Western Balkans project builds upon its first one while going more in-depth into analysing particular influence activities of external actors in the region to go beyond the conventional analytical frameworks.

Key project outputs consist of:

  • 15 analytical studies & 15 journalistic articles (currently in progress)

  • A final reflection paper summarising the major observations from the analytical studies and providing policy recommendations 

  • A collective monography presenting the studies 

  • A concluding conference to be held in Prague

KICK-OFF WORKSHOP, Belgrade, January 27-28, 2020

To support launching of the second phase of the project "Western Balkans at the Crossroads: Ways Forward in Analyzing External Actors’ Influence", a two-day workshop was organised in Belgrade on January 27-28 2020. The workshop brought together the project team which allowed to share the best practices of conducting research on foreign influences in the region and its further development. Moreover, during the workshop the researchers presented research proposals of their studies and also took part in an interactive journalist training as the dissemination of knowledge is a key element of our work.